August 13, 2017

Certificates of Origin

Certificate of Australian Origin is documentary evidence that the goods are originating from Australia. Many customs measures relating to goods being imported into a country, in particular those relating to tariff & public health; depend for their administration on the origin of the goods.

The increasing number and complexity of the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) has emphasised the importance of correctly identifying the origin of imports. That’s why exporters need to obtain Certificates of Origin and Certified Declarations of Origin for each shipment.

Certificate of Australian Origin is required:

  • To export certain goods from Australia
  • For customs clearance at the port of destination
  • As stipulated the letter of credit (L/C)
  • Evidence of the goods origin when negotiating sales contract

The certificates are used to clear your goods through customs at the destination country. Certificates of Origin can also be requested by the overseas buyer or the business receiving your goods. In some instances the company receiving the goods will require a Certificate of Origin before authorising their bank to issue a letter of credit and payment.

You may find that on occasions evidence that the goods originate from Australia can be requested from the potential buyer when negotiating the sales contract with you.

In accordance with some free trade agreements (FTAs), preferential Certificates of Origin are required the importer to qualify for preferential tariff rates under the FTA. For example under the provisions of China- Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), ChAFTA Certificate of Origin is required and is available from CCIQ.